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Adjustable clamping levers range enlargement

Besides of wide enlargement of adjustable clamping levers range
we have reduced the prices of most of them as well.
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Sprzedajemy części do maszyn oraz wyprodukowane przez nas przenośniki i konstrukcje na profilach aluminiowych. Posiadamy również dział technik budowlanych z akcesoriami do szalunków.

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Haberkorn Sp. z o.o.
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 238
44-348  Skrzyszów, Czech republic

tel.: +48 32 4597 999
fax: +48 32 4597 998
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Haberkorn Sp. z o.o., a member of the international Haberkorn Group, has been operating in the Polish market since 2005. It has succeeded in gaining a significant part of the Polish industrial market in the field of the delivery of machine parts and components to industrial companies.

The company started its business, supported by the 100+ year long tradition of its predecessors, in a small office Wodzisław Śląski, Poland. However, further development revealed its potential and abilities to establish itself in trade under the circumstances that dominated the then market.
In 2010, a central warehouse was built in Skrzyszów. This facility has brought to our customers vast improvement in client service, particularly in terms of delivery rate, a broadened range of products, items on stocks and comprehensive auxiliary services.


Our mission is to be a reliable, flexible and innovative partner that helps its customers increase their prosperity.


Our philosophy is based on an orientation towards the customer and their needs. A team of engineers and salesmen focus on building a long-term partnership with our customers. In the framework of such collaboration, the company can offer its clients both the standard and specific solutions that are tailored to suit the needs of the clients, not only in the field of technical support, but also in logistics, delivery and development of special components, etc. Haberkorn is simply a vital part of its customers’ success.
Such collaboration with our customers would not work without the careful selection of our suppliers, which are always required to guarantee top quality, reliability and logistic service. Our network of suppliers comprises world-recognised manufacturers, for the majority of which Haberkorn works as an exclusive agent in the markets where it carries on its own business too.


Using state-of-the-art technologies in dealing with our suppliers and the opportunity to view their inventory level online is another advantage for our customers. We also call this “prompt info”. Transition from deliveries via our Austrian headquarters to those transferred directly from the suppliers allows us to make the product prices and lead times even more favourable. The lead times now range from 24 hours (for items in stock) to 10 days for standard catalogue items. Special goods are delivered within the agreed lead times.
Aimed at the improvement of its client service, the company has recently invested in a modern logistic system which allows even faster processing of individual orders.


Our original range of products, as presented by the company back in the first days of its existence, has expanded on the basis of specialist experience to form a range that reflects the demands and trends of the current market and enables our company to face the current competitive environment.
The range of products which has been presented from the very beginning of the company is the “item” - a modular system of aluminium profiles for the construction of single-purpose machinery. The manufacturer of the system is the German company of the same name, i.e. item Industrietechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH, for which Haberkorn is the exclusive agent in Poland. One of the main advantages of this system is the possibility to use standardised parts, which brings forth a nearly unlimited range of combinations and technical solutions, as well as easy handling and assembly. Precise aluminium profiles with longitudinal grooves allow repeated use and offer fast convertibility, high flexibility, and the achievement of the required strength and functionality while maintaining a low equipment weight.
Customers are primarily attracted (also in terms of price) by our machine frames, linear lines, machine covers, protective fencing, work benches, assembly lines and linear guidance systems. Thanks to long-term development carried out by Haberkorn, our traditional range of products also includes many types of conveyors and conveying systems.


Apart from the large capacity of its distribution depot in Skrzyszów, an integrated range of products, a well established selling network and the proficiency of technical and business consultants, the company also offers technical consulting for its entire range of products, assistance in project implementation and on-site solutions. This all makes Haberkorn  solid partner for those who build their development on innovation, swiftness and reliability.


From the beginning, our company has participated in a large number of projects involving foreign capital, and commenced collaboration with world-leading automotive industry manufacturers. These are namely:
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