Axelent - X-Tray

3 2 Made in Sweden. Works global. Axelent has grown into an international group with a workforce of over 200. Our products are sold in 60 countries and our focus is on continued expansion. Efficient production processes Axelent’s head office is in Hillerstorp, Sweden. All product development, production, storage and packaging is carried out here. Our production is high grade automated to manage high volumes and speedy deliveries. All our standard products are in stock so we can usually ship your order the same day as we receive it . A safe choice Axelent has a wealth of experience in safety solutions for industry, storage and construction. Consult us to find out more about the ultimate safe and secure work environment. Instant quote We will give you a quote, a drawing and same day delivery. If you are looking for a special solution we will tailor the product to your needs. Axelent Team X-Tray develops, manufactures and markets a complete cable routing system built around cable trays under the brand name of X-Tray. We have created a premium brand based on ultimate design, functionality, materials and service, and we work closely with our customers to meet their needs. We appreciate customers with high standards from which we can continue to develop special solutions. Being in close proximity to our design team and production plant, coupled with our passion for innovative and smart solutions, enables us to move quickly and seamlessly from the concept stage to the finished product. Our products are sold all over the world, mostly in the energy, infrastructure, food, machinery, offshore and telecom & data industries. Premium brands for your ultimate safety Today, there is an ever-growing need for telecom and data solutions. Axelent’s X-Rack (installation), X-Tray (cable routing system) and X-Guard (partitions and guards) ranges offer complete solutions for these industries.